Patchwork text
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Patchwork text

“ ‘surface learning': the patchwork text as a remedy for the academic essay” (a slightly amended version of an article published in the guardian, education section. Patchwork text is a new form of assignment for students our article describes the advantages of a patchwork text and how it can be applied in the student’s course.

patchwork text

Teaching in higher education, vol 4, no 4, 1999 485 the patchwork text: a coursework format for education as critical understanding jane scoggins & richard winter. In an october 2014 blog post we looked at patchwork text assessment and discussed some tentative findings from the first year of a three year patchwork text project. Alternative to the essay each of these features of the patchwork text explicitly addresses the problems of the academic essay noted above. Patchwork text: a pr | a patchwork text was used to assess summatively bsc and msc district nurse students' learning and how this was informed critically.

In 2003, richard winter wrote a piece for the guardian in which he listed some problems than can occur when essays are the primary tool used to assess what, and how.

Patchwork text essay patchwork cutters - using the classic and tubby alphabet sets - duration: 5:35 patchworkcutters 39,810 views 5:35.

Patchwork text

A patchwork text was used to assess summatively bsc and msc district nurse students’ learning and how this was informed critically, during a module on a one.

  • An emerging form of assessment is the patchwork text, an application of assessment for learning, as opposed to assessment of learning a framework for making choices.
  • ‘the patchwork text’ research project was an attempt to overcome the various forms of alienation that generally beset students' academic work, by bringing more.

Patchwork text and other apparel, accessories and trends browse and shop 8 related looks. Patchwork text assessment (pta) diversifying assessment-patchwork text i have chosen patchwork text, as they are used.

patchwork text patchwork text patchwork text patchwork text

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